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tamara laschinsky watkins manager sponsor canada usaIf you have any questions, feel free to contact me! I'm more than happy to help!

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Indep. Watkins Consultant & National Team Manager

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Exclusive to my team - 'Suggested Starter Kits'! Watkins used to offer a Watkinize Your Home Starter Kit along with a few others but because of inventory issues at times, they discontined the kits to avoid disappointment. I've still had numerous requests for kits and suggestions, so I've created a variety of kits that you can order. These are available only to my team and downline and once you've joined my team, your welcome email will give you access to the PDF files that show the products suggested to suit your venue and budget! You can customize the kits as you need to and it shows you the regular prices, your cost, the order total and # of products you'll receive so you can visualize your display a bit better!

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Note - the Watkins start up kits below have been discontinued. I am keeping them here so you can learn about them and what they were but please note they are no longer available.

I am leaving the information below on what kits we used to offer in case you have heard about them and are wondering what they were about.

Watkinize Your Home Assortment & Other Starter Kits


Watkinize Your Home Assortment (no longer available)

$349 USD/ $449 CAD

This is by far the BIGGEST starter kit Watkins has to offer. Full of products from all the different product categories, the Watkinize your home assortment gives you over 50 products (full-size) to try or sell to customers. With this kit you also get a free e-associate website with no set-up fee and you will automatically promote to BRONZE consultant level! Valued at $625 USD/ $790 CAD!

Living Natural Upgrade (no longer available)

$69.96 USA/ $81.95 CAD

The Living Naturally Upgrade includes a variety of full-size and tester size products as well as catalogues and other promotional pieces. This kit is designed to help you have a Watkins home party and give you everything you need to get started!

Gift Certificate Assortment (no longer available)

$129 USD/ $159 CAD

Get gift certificates at a discount so you can customize the products you want! You get gift certificates in the amounts of $200 USD or $250 CAD with this seleciton.

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The statements made and opinions expressed on this page are those of the Independent J.R Watkins Consultant who is the publisher of this document, and are not to be constured as the statements of opinion of Watkins Incorporated.Information on this page is deemd to be accurate and is subject to change. If you experience difficulty in viewing this site or have any questions, please contact webmaster. Last updated January 2017, by Tamara Laschinsky, Independent Watkins Associateand Manager #378193 from Airdrie, Alberta, Canada.

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