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Most Common Questions About Joining Watkins Business

What is the Cost?

The cost to join Watkins is $29.95/year. You do not have to stock up on inventory or feel obligated to purchase products.

Are there any Quotas?

No. Sell as much or little as you want. If you have a team under you, you will need to have at least 100 Central points in order to be paid on your team's volume or any customer sales that come in through your website. That's about it though, nothing sneaky...this is a very flexible business! You can order once a month or a couple times a year - you won't be locked out of your membership or anything silly like that!

Do I Have to Sell to Customers?

No. You can become a Watkins consultant just to get a personal discount on your own purchases. You can also join just to sponsor others and build a team. However, selling to customers does earn you the quickest income.

Do I Have to Place Minimum Orders?

No. Order as often as you want. You are not penalized for not ordering. BUT - orders under $100 will have a flat rate shipping charge of $11.95 and will not have any discount on them. If you want the FREE SHIPPING just make sure your orders are over $100 and you'll get free shipping!

How Much Money Can I Make?

This depends on many factors such as if you have a team under you and what kind of sales you do. The quickest way to make money is via customer sales but if you build a team it helps you build a stable business. Many consultants who start out make anywhere from $100-$500/month in the beginning (though some, who do trade shows do much, much,more!)

As your business grows you can certainly put long-term goals of making $2,500 - $5,000/ month and know those are very reasonsable numbers. See the snippet below that summarizes our general discounts. If you want more information just contact me and I can send you the entire compensation plan including information about the Performance Reward Program (Free all inclusive vacations).

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Are There Selling Restrictions?

If you want to sign up a chain store (like Shopper's Drug Mart, Wal-Mart etc.) you can't do it. Other than that, it's free game! You can sell to anyone in Canada or the USA either in person or by use of the Internet. You can not though, sell any products directly from your personal website. All online sales must go through Watkins directly (which is where your FREE personal Watkins e-consultant site comes in very handy!)

What is the E-Consultant Website?

This is a website customized for you and a place you can send customers directly to for ordering. You will get automatic credit for the sale. My site, for example, is Http:// site used to cost $70 to set up and $20 to maintain but as of 2017 Watkins announced that all consultants will have the e-consultants get it for FREE! The good thing with the e-consultant site is you don't have to worry about people putting your ID# in when they go to order, if they go through that link, they are automatically logged as your customer and you get credit for the sale. (You also get a special free website to help you tell others about the business..mine for example is

Are There Territories?

No. You are not confined to a territory other than North America. You may sell to and sponsor anyone in Canada or the USA.

Can I Sell Products at Trade Shows?

Yes! Some companies don't allow you to sell directly at markets or booths but J.R Watkins encourages it! Customers often go to these events looking for consultants so this is a great place to set up! You can also do home parties, direct selling and sponsoring.

How Secure is J.R Watkins?

In business since 1868, J.R Watkins is a very strong and reliable company. They have never failed to pay their consultants despite depressions and recessions and are always working on ways to stay competitve and rewarding! They are trusted by their customers and consutlants for 150 years now and their products are quite well known and are of top quality!

Canada and USA Products - Differences

You may notice there are some different product choices for Canada and the USA. Or you may notice items J.R Watkins used to sell aren't available anymore. Some reasons why items are discontinued are due to popularity and Watkins' need to stay competitive and offer new items which can boost profitability. As for why there may be different products in the two countries, one reason is the popularity - what is popular in the USA may not be as popular in Canada and vice versa.

The other reason in Canada is Health Canada and the labelling requirements. Some items require specific labelling and while Watkins has re-labelled many items, some have not been re-labelled yet and are not available at this time.

Where Do Products Ship From?

Items ordered in the USA ship from our USA warehouse and items ordered in Canada ship from our Canadian warehouse. USA orders are done in USA dollars and Canadian orders done in Canadian dollars, so there are no surprises with currency exchanges when ordering! Shipping direct from the respective country ensures faster delivery as well as no customs issues or charges.

It's important to know that if you are in Canada you can only order from the Canadian catalogue and if you are in the USA you can only get the USA products. J.R Watkins can not ship items across the border (due to regulations.)

What Kind of Marketing Can I Do?

You can market offline at tradeshows and events, in yellow page listings and other events locally and non-locally.

You can not use the name "Watkins" in your URL or as the title in your blog posts etc. (Unless your last name is Watkins.) You must always refer to yourself as "Indep. Watkins Consultant and either your full name or ID#.

Watkins has an Internet policy and the only real restrictions are those set up to ensure that Watkins consultants don't confuse the customer or mislead them into thinking they are employed directly by Watkins (we are Indep. contractors). If you are primarily interested in Internet Marketing and want to see our policy guide, please email me and ask for the guide.

Watkins is very flexible with online marketing and selling of goods with just a few rules in place to ensure integrity!

If you are looking for a good, strong, reliable company that is there to take care of you and be with you for the long run - JR Watkins has proven itself since 1868 and is still going strong!

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The statements made and opinions expressed on this page are those of the Independent Watkins Consultant who is the publisher of this document, and are not to be constured as the statements of opinion of Watkins Incorporated.Information on this page is deemd to be accurate and is subject to change. If you experience difficulty in viewing this site or have any questions, please contact webmaster. Last updated February 2019, by Tamara Laschinsky, Independent Watkins Consutltant and Manager #378193 from Airdrie, Alberta, Canada.

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