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The History of Watkins

Bringing you quality products since 1868!

For over 150 years, Watkins has been servicing customers across North America. Offering a gourmet line of food products and top quality body care, Watkins is a household trusted name. The Watkins home business opportunity is also well-known and a business source for many Indep. Consultants.


Food Products from Watkins

We offer a wide variety of gourmet food products. From organic spices, extracts, seasonings and baking goods. Release your inner cook! View our incredible line of gourmet food products now!

Watkins Bath & Body

Offering natural bath and body products for the whole family. If you need soaps, body washes or something for sore muscles, we have it! Check out our bath and body products here...

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150 years of service

We have been in business since 1868, offering top  quality products at low everyday prices. Our business model has always involved Indep. Consultants who have joined Watkins for many reasons. Find out what perks and training our business has for you!

The Watkins Home Business Opportunity

Since the very beginning, the Watkins company has used Indep. Sales consultants to help get their products to customers across North America. Known as the 'Watkins Man', the salesmen would travel (often great distances) to visit customers and supply them with Watkins' goods. Today, the Watkins home business is still offered and more popular than ever thanks to a wide range of products, low membership fee and a flexible work model designed to fit any schedule! With personal discounts, free vacations and good compensation plus great products, it's easy to see why the home business is so trusted! Learn more about the Watkins business opportunity here...

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