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Watkins Compensation Plan

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Whatever your reasons for joining, you need to know how the discount schedule works. Learn about the compensation plan, bonuses and free vacations.

Understand the compensation plan and define your business goals. This is our current compensation plan as of May 2019.

Click to download: Watkins full compensation plan 2017

Watkins Business Perks

You want perks - any why not?! With a Watkins business you get good discounts on your sales & purchases. You can also earn bonuses based on your monthly volume. Do you like free vacations? Earn free trips with our Performance Rewards Program!

Watkins Compensation Plan Overview

Use the dropdown menus below for answers to our compensation plan.

More Watkins Business Information

For a company that has been around 150, there is LOTS of history to take in! From early beginnings, to new product development to today's market, see what the Watkins company is all about.

Take a few minutes to watch our 2 minute Watkins' history video! Then, take the Watkins tour!

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