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Watkins Business Training

When you join Watkins you gets lots of support and business training to help you reach your business goals! As a Watkins consultant you are provided training from Timeless Integrity. My team gets free personalized graphics to use as well as free directory listings!

Training From Timeless Integrity

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So who is Timeless Integrity anyways? Formerly known as The Summit Group, this is our main training resource. They provide you with countless articles and videos, tips and ideas and promotional ideas. From time to time they also put on contests like our Free Vanilla campaign!

Training From Tamara Laschinsky

Hi! My name is Tamara Laschinsky and I am an Indep. Watkins Consultant. I've been with Watkins since 2007 and it's the best business choice ever! Having my Watkins home business has allowed me to have great work/life balance and do the type of work I love. I have a large team of consultants from all over Canada & the USA. Mostly I focus on business coaching as well as creating visual graphics for our team to use for marketing purposes. Consultants on my team get use of these graphics, access to our FB training page, free directory listing so customers can find them and 1 on 1 support from me.

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