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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

If you are starting up a big venture such as your own business, it's important you have all the information you require to make a sound business decision. Below are some of the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) about the Watkins business. Please browse the FAQ section below and if you have other questions, please contact me!

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FAQ #1: How Much to Join Watkins

The cost to join as a Watkins consultant is $29.95/year. There are no additional charges other than any products you choose to buy.

FAQ #2:

Does Watkins Have Quotas Each Month

No. You do not have to buy/sell a certain amount each month or at any time in order to remain active. The only 'quota' you have would be how much you have to sell in a month to achieve bonuses (see compensation plan for details). But you will not go 'inactive' if you don't order one month (or two, or three etc!)

FAQ #3:

Do I Have to Sell to Customers

No. Many of our Watkins consultants have joined just to get personal discounts and to buy for their family and friends.

FAQ #4:

Are There Minimum Order Requirements

You can place any size order that you wish, however the free S&H is applied when your order is $100 or more and the discounts begin at orders of $150 or more.  So if you decide to place an order under $100 you will not get a discount on that order and will pay flat-rate S&H of $11.95. (Our compensation plan is cumulative so you can still get possible discounts depending on your monthly volume. See our compensation plan for details.)

FAQ #5:

How Much Money Can I Make With Watkins

This depends on many factors. Doing markets or trade shows often yields a high amount of income depending on the traffic and how often you do them. Advertising online can take some time to build up a customer base. If you have a team under you, then residual income can occur. Like any business, you get what you put into it. I am always honest with people and will tell you, if you don't plan on working this as a business then it likely will not pay out for you. That being said, many consultants who work at their business make $100-$500 in the beginning and long-term goals of $2,500 - $5,000 are reasonable numbers. Again, it all depends on you and what methods you choose plus how much time you have to invest. Review our compensation plan to see how it all works.

FAQ #6:

Are There Selling Restrictions

You can not sign up a retail chain store (WalMart, Wal-Greens, Target etc) but you can sign up or sell to smaller individual stores. You can not sell direct from your own personal website but Watkins does provide you with your own free e-consultant site where customers can go and order direct from (with you getting credit for the sale.) You can sell to anyone in Canada and the USA and can do so via home parties, markets, trade shows, e-consultant site and direct sales. There are no territories so you have a large customer base to go after.

FAQ #7:

What is the Watkins Free E-Consultant Website

This is a free website where customers can go and order from. When they order through your website the orders ship direct to them and you get credit for the sale. You also get a free sponsoring website through our training group, Timeless Integrity. Through this website, those looking to join Watkins can sign up directly under you.

FAQ #8:

How Secure is Watkins Company

Well, they have been around since 1868 (150 years) they have a pretty good business structure! They have survived depressions and recessions and always look to offer the best product mixes to keep competitive in the markets.

FAQ #9:

Canada and USA Products

For the most part, the same products are offered in both countries. However, some products will not be available in one country, while available in the other. This is mainly due to Health Canada labelling regulations and FDA regulations as well as the fact that some products sell better in one country than the other. Currently, Watkins is working on evening up the product offerings to make the same products available in both countries. You can see what products are available in each country by going to the Watkins website here and click on the USA and CAD flag and browse the store.

FAQ #10:

Where Do Products Ship From and Are There Customs to Pay

One of the simplest things about this company is knowing exactly how much you are paying! Products ship from the country in which they were ordered. So there is no customs fees, no currency conversion. If you live in the USA you order is in USD and ships from the USA to you. If you live in Canada you pay CAD and it ships direct to you. The same goes for your customers. For example, if you live in Canada and have a customer in the USA who orders via your e-consultant site, their order will be in USD and ship from the USA direct to them. Easy peasy!

FAQ #11:

How Can I Market My Business

You are free to do many forms of marketing. If you wish to do a print advertisement you need to send a proof of the ad to Watkins for approval. Other than that, you can advertise at trade shows, events, on community billboards, on social media and more. The only thing to remember is to ALWAYS refer to yourself as an Indep. Watkins Consultant with either your Id# and/or First Name, Last Name. You also can not have the word 'Watkins' in your email address, as part of your personal website (if you have one) or as the title for a blog etc. Other than that, it's pretty flexible and it's just common sense to be professional and not try to 'trick' customers into thinking you are 'THE' Watkins Company head office!

FAQ #12:

Are There Auto-Shipments

No. No. No! This is such an important consideration when looking at a business startup! Auto-shipments may seem convenient but often they result in you having way too much inventory. They can cost a lot of money and expense especially as you are just getting started. This is why Watkins worked out the free S&H you can order what you want, when you want and you won't be stuck with stuff you can't sell right away or don't need at the moment!

FAQ #13: Who Can Join Watkins

Anyone who is legal age in their Province/State and is a resident of either Canada or USA.

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