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If you have any questions, feel free to contact me! I'm more than happy to help!

Tamara Laschinsky 403.998.8597 or Email me

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Joining Watkins to Make Money

The most common reasons to join Watkins is to make money for sure. Some people are interested in only part-time work, others want to go in full-time. Whatever your choice, now and down the road, Watkins is flexible!

There are no quotas or minimum order requirements, so you can rest easy knowing that Watkins is ready when you are! Your membership is the only thing you have to buy and the other optional items and packages are exactly that: optional!

Why Join Watkins to Make Money?

Stay-at-home parents, retired folk, on disability, supplement other income, as a hobby or wanting to have a more flexible lifestyle and work/life balance - those are some of the reasons others on my team have joined.

Joining Watkins For Other Reasons

There are other reasons to join Watkins as well including: Social interaction, building up skills, starting a business for your kids to one day work with and take over. Whatever your reasons, just know Watkins is flexible and no-nonsense. They have survived many recessions and have been in business since 1868. Customers trust the name and product!

Bonus Level Structure

Every $1 roughly equates to 1 point. Points are totalled up at the end of each month and if you reach a new level, Watkins will pay you extra on your sales. In a nutshell the compensation plan is:

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At the 2000 points range you also qualify for Manager the first month and if you reach 2000 points the next month you become a manager and will also get paid bonus income (depends on bonus value of products and size of your team etc.) The month after you reach manager, you are eligible for up to $500 in extra payout each month for the next 12 consecutive months so long as you maintain your manager title. This is a new program Watkins introduced called the "Manager Bonus".

There are also Bronze, Silver, Gold manager levels as well as Bronze, Silver, Gold Executive levels. With time, dedication and perserverence, these levels are all within reach. Associates at these levels are regular people who started from the ground-up and treated Watkins like the real business it is. They didn't expect to get rich overnight and they knew it would take work to get to where they wanted to be (and now they are!)

If you wish to join J.R Watkins as a consultant, please phone Watkins at 1.800.928.5467 and give them my ID# as your sponsor (378193). Or you can join Watkins right now online at : http://www.RespectedHomeBusiness.com/378193










The statements made and opinions expressed on this page are those of the Independent J.R Watkins Consultant who is the publisher of this document, and are not to be constured as the statements of opinion of Watkins Incorporated.Information on this page is deemd to be accurate and is subject to change. If you experience difficulty in viewing this site or have any questions, please contact webmaster. Last updated January 2016, by Tamara Laschinsky, Independent Watkins Associateand Manager #378193 from Airdrie, Alberta, Canada.

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